Data protection - Informed consent

This consent, the so-called Informed Consent, sets out the rights and obligations of the supplier [AN] and the contracting authority [AG] within the framework of the processing of personal data in the area of order management and inquiries.
This consent applies to all activities in which AN employees and its authorized subcontractors process the client's personal data.
The terms used in this consent correspond to the definition in the basic EU data protection regulation (according to Article 30 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/2017 of 27 April 2018 on the protection of people when processing personal data and free data communication).
In accordance with the law, AN must obtain the consent of the relevant company representing the person to use email addresses, telephone numbers and data correspondence for the following activities. AG hereby accepts the following:

  • Processing of personal data - e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, company addresses, ID number, VAT number, bank account number, camera recordings in company premises and data correspondence (business communications, sending data, provision of other administrative documents and other important data for managing requests and projects) in the TOOL Werkzeugbau company database;
  • Invoices issued by us can be sent after agreement with the AG to the e-mail address or correspondence address specified by him.

Other personal data of AG, which the client did not provide personally, can be obtained from publicly accessible sources.
Consent is granted for the duration of the business relationship between AN and AG. After that, the data will be shredded and deleted in electronic form.



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